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Cafés and beergardens for nomad internet working (Munich)


Hi all,

I presume there is a good bunch of people here who would go online from time to time while out and about. I have the luxury of being able to work from where-ever I like and very much enjoy working in cafés or beergardens from time to time. However, I haven't really found a really good place to work from in Munich, for a number of reasons.

Can anyone recommend a few places with the following:
- fast, accessible and free WiFi with full functionality (e.g. without some silly proxy that blocks VPN traffic)
- ability to make phone calls and join conference calls without disturbing anyone
- being able to work away on the laptop for extended period of times without looking silly or having to order loads of drink and food.

So far, I haven't found any place that would have these characteristics. Looking forward to all your recommendations!!



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