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Coaching and self development Stammtisch (Munich)


Hey guys, I was just trying to suss out who is interested in Coaching and self development topics. I have trained a lot with someone in Australia who has written a few books and advises large corporates in team building, motivation but also individuals on their own journey. Would love to get a few people together who are interested in topics like:

What is important to me and what do I stand for?
Where do I want to go?
What holds me back in my job/ relationships in terms of fears, old scripts and family dynamics?
And many more!

I think particularily as expats we do often struggle with questions of belonging and identitiy so maybe a good thing to start with. If the above interests you, just let me know and we will get a few people together. This is also something which could lead to larger initiatives but I'll talk to you about this in more detail when we meet.

Have a great weekend!


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