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decent bank - english (Munich)

need a decent bank. one for newbies.

my officially-trained english-speaking banker - its why he has my account - told me in a fury he would not conduct business in english I AM IN GERMANY and i must speak german (when not teaching english to germans as a volunteer lol). last tete a tete, which included a couple new bank-generated problems requiring a fix, was made more interesting by his shouting at me in front of the whole bank. he had to be having a very bad day and it probably didnt help that i started to laugh toward the end - i just didnt know what to think and it beat jumping on his train of thought. had a lot of issues setting up with this bank so am over it. honestly - banker couldnt make sense of own site and i am meant to solve serious problems using it?! like most people i usually do a lot online and need someone who will answer questions and sort issues in a timely manner as they arise.

so, if you have any recommendation i and everyone else who finds themselves in a similar situ would appreciate the heads-up. not a lot of info out there and as most newbies bring assets there must be SOMEONE who gets it...

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