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Denied access to flight need advice (Munich)

Hi to all,
fisrt time this happened to me. Easyjet flight to Manchester last Friday night for a 25 year rugby reunion in Harrogate, Yorkshire for the weekend. Checked in on line Friday morning so had boarding pass printed and arrived at gate 45 minutes before it opened. I always wait for the end of the queue and arrived just behind the last passenger...I was 3 metres away watching stood up and went to the gate, a rope was put infront of me and....they didn´t let me on flight...big broohaha I lost my cool after a couple of minutes...couldn´t believe it...first time with easyjet...I had to book flight next day plus other expenses total extra costs 250€...Easyjet say that I was 5 minutes late...when I had been there for 45 minutes...and said my behaviour was aggressive (normal customer behaviour) they won´t reimburse me...anyone got any advice or any other examples I could use. I have people who will witness and sign a sort of petition for me...why would they do that? Overbooking...anyone legal out there with some advice? Cheers, Pascal.

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