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Do you want to learn how to ski in 6 days? (Munich)

Hello to all None Skiers,

One year ago I was just like you…well worse (we Portuguese are not made for the snow) but then a friend challenge-me with the following question:

Do you want to learn how to ski in 6 days?

Hehe… I was thinking that this would be impossible but even for me (believe me I still don’t know what happen) I did manage to learn how to do it in 6 days.

Has human being you are at this moment in your suspicious mood, but let me give you some facts:

NO - I don’t work or have any connection with this ski course (except from the fact I did the course with them)

NO - I never ski, snowboard or inline skating before.

No - I didn’t became a professional, yeat :-) but I can enjoy the pleasures of the mountain + the after ski parties :-D

How is that possible?

The course is call Parallel Ski, they developed this method for young adults, that allows you to start to “ski” since the first day. Details I will not reveal because it’s much more fun and realistic when you see it for your self.

Do you want to have more information?

Great! They will have one last INFO EVENING (Mon12 Dec at 19:00), where they will explain all the details and show you how they work.

If you want to take part, please contact KEN, via email: Protected content (he only works with emails) requesting to take part on the infoEve and then you will decide if this is for you or not.

About the course I only have one word: Outstanding!

Parallel Skiing
INFO EVENING: Mon12 Dec at 19:00
Email: Protected content
Ken Lawler



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