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FAQ - Dance with the Roses - Grand Ball 24.03.12 (Munich)

Dear all,

As we received many questions regarding our upcoming Dance with the Roses - 1st InterNations Munich Grand Ball here's a list FAQ that will hopefully help:

Q: Is this one of InterNations monthly official events?
A: YES!!! It's THE InterNations event of the year. It has been prepared by the Ambassadors since several months (hard work!) and it's the most investment-intensive event ever done since in InterNations.

Q: I'm not a professional dancer/I can't dance, may I participate anyway?
A: this is NOT a professional dancers event! At the beginning only, some classic ball music will be played (Walzer, etc.), and you will be guided by our DJ on the moves, so no need to know anything about dancing!!! Later on there will be normal party music, this is customary in most ball events.

Q: Tell me more about the dress code: what is a gown? What is a tuxedo or an evening suite?
A: We tailored this event so that it is "accessible" to everyone. Ladies: a gown it's a long dress worn on formal occasions, if you have one go for it! If not, an evening/cocktail dress it's just perfect. Gentlemens: if you have a Tuxedo (Smoking) wear it, otherwise a nice suite with tie it's perfectly fine! No stress!

Q: What do I get for the fee?
A: We perceived that our Munich community members would like to experience new events formats, different from the usual "disco" partys. This is one of the first (much more work intensive) tentative to offer an exclusive alternative experience. The expenses for organizing this event the proper way (with flying buffet dinner, drinks, exclusive location, top DJ) are very high, thus the higher price point. Support the hard work of your Ambassadors!

Q: I'd like to bring some friends with me, how do I purchase tickets for them?
A: If your friends are Basic members or non members you can purchase a Basic Member Ticket for them. If your friends are Albatross members they have to pay themselves in order to enjoy the reduced price.

Q: Is this an event for couples only?
A: of course not! The InterNations spirit “nobody stands alone” it's a fundamental principle of InterNations. What's better than meeting new global minds by dancing together??! If you see someone alone in a corner, it’d be great if you introduce him/her to your friends. Ask him/her to dance with you. This way, every member will have a lovely time!

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