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First English (Munich)


Hi all,

My experience is in the advertising/Brand/Project managemet/Marketing industry. I have a job but I am not earning what I am worth - I think because my German is not what it should be. My boss says that I am doing a great job and is happy with my work but will not give me an increase which he agreed too at the start of my employment. When I was employed my level of German was not at all an issue to the company. I agreed on a lower salary because it was my first job in Germany and I wanted to get my foot in the door. The deal was that I would start at the lower salary and in three months, if all went well, I would get an increase.Now all is going well but no increase. I feel I would add-more measurable value if my German was better and I am now concerned that the same will happen after six months (the end of my probation period) or even worse they could tell me to leave. I am of course working on improving my German but I think to earn what I am worth I need to find a job were I can talk my trade in English first - until my German language skills catch-up.
Any advice and suggestions please - all welcome?

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