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furniture etc. for less coz of move!!! (Munich)

Flee market coz of move - furniture and Co.!!!

Since we are moving in together, we have some stuff to liquidate coz it’s double or not needed anymore:

For sale and on basis for negotiation is:
• Fridge, IGNIS, white, with freezing compartment, 5 years old, 143x55x58cm 50€
• Cupboards and a vitrine from an apartment with a pitched roof area (beech tree, massive construction) 200€
• printer CANON PIXMA MG5100 40€
• 2x cordless phone SIEMENS Gigaset with integrated answering machine each 30€
• Car radio Kenwood as good as new (used 1/2 year) incl.mp3 function 50€
• IVAR shelf: 10 big shelfs, 5 small shelfs: dimensions: 214x30x226 cm 80€ (OP 190€)
• Book shelf Ikea BILLY (white) 30€
• Bath cupboard with mirror front (3 doors) (Alibert weiß) 40€
• Bath cupboard white Ikea (Series LILLÅNGEN) 35€
• Bath cupboard white Ikea (similar to Series HEMNES) 10€
• 1 moving cardboard full of books
• 2 moving cardboards full of porcelain from Grandma’s heritage (heritage pieces for collectors and flee market interested people), mainly coffee pods, cake plates, milk cannikin, etc.

If interested drop me a note!!! With your mail address, coz I am not an Albatross anymore!!!

Forwarding to possibly interested friends and colleagues very welcome!!!
Thank you for your help!!!

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