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GEZ Pains (Munich)

Guys I am so pissed with GEZ. Its not that I dont watch their programs and forced to pay for it.During my move from Ulm to Munich. When I was living for the first couple of months in a hotel, they charged for those 2 months and in my subseqent bills I refused pay for these 2. These jackassess have added a fine of Euro 8 per quarter and charged me 40 Euros last year..This is not going anywhere as my German is not good enough and GEZ is a mafia like organization in any case. Does anyone know of a legal proceeding or a movement against GEZ. I think this primitive sysem that is 60 years old that forces one to pay for services that one doesnt use needs to go. Am surprised we have such a socialistic system in place for Television.

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