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Great event at Tap House Thursday at 6:30 pm (Munich)

Stop for a second.
Think about how lucky you are to have access to clean and safe water. Every day, hundreds of millions of people suffer from a lack of access to the same thing.

Water. It's the essence of beer. The essence of life.
Our immense challenge now as a species is to effectively conserve, manage and distribute water.

But hang on a sec! Imagine if you could help by drinking fresh, delicious craft beer. Imagine if every sip of beer you sipped was also an investment into the social capital of our planet!

This Thursday 13th October, Tap House, in collaboration with Satura and Tölzer Mühlfeldbräu is proud to present 'Impact Hour' with the release of Wolfgang's Brown Ale as a fundraiser for the FLOW (For the Love of Water) fund. The Brown Ale will be on tap for donations with all proceeds going to raising awareness and funds for water entrepreneurs in emerging countries working to provide water security in places where climate change is a ruthless reality. Saturá, our partner for this evening, are the altruists behind the venture! ♥
Come hang out this Thursday for Impact Hour(s), drink beer, do good.

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