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How to ask a German Employer for help in Housing (Munich)


How to ask a German Employer for help in accommodation.
I will relocate to Munich for a new job November 1st. Since I received the job offer and work contract, I kept seeking an apartment. Using online rent services, talking with agents/brokers to choose a suitable apartment with no hope.

I provided one broker with every document and information they asked for but every time they replied the landlord or landlady does not decide on me.

It is unrealistic and not practical to book a hotel room for early stay in Munich with limited budget and tight Salary. Plus, I have a full time work day, with a little chance to be able to find an apartment quickly after my arrival. At the moment, I am waiting Visa process. Only 45 days left to catch my flight to Munich with no housing.

My employer in Germany does not offer accommodation. But now I am thinking to ask them to help me in this topic.

How is the polite way to ask my German emplyer to help me in renting an apartment in Munich, before landing to Germany?

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