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is this salary offer appropriate for Munich?

Hello guys,
I am in a dilemma : my company offered me a transfer in Munich.
The gross salary - excluding benefits,shares- is in the range of 94k (relocation is provided as a bonus).
I love the city and the new job but I am not sure if this salary will allow me to support my family (wife + new born baby) .
Basically none of us can speak German and my wife will have to find a new job since is about to finish her maternity leave (thus losing her local job here in Bristol).
On top of that we will have to rent our house which is still on mortgage thus adding up an hefty Protected content per month + rent in Munich which is probably > Protected content .
I was reading other forums online and seems to be me that it will be almost impossible to live with this salary.
Would love to hear some advice from other people who moved from England to Munich.
Help me to decide!

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