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IT Web Project Manager with 10-years’ Experience (Munich)

Wednesday, February 22, Protected content

I’m looking for work along the lines of:

- The project management of eCommerce and eMarketing website developments,
- General digital, marketing, website or product management work within a start-up, or
- Specific digital development project management work for a multi-national.

Since arriving in Munich 3-months ago I have continued to work remotely for my previous employer (a London-based eCommerce and eMarketing solutions supplier) project-managing the production of a series of large European B2B and B2C eCommerce websites. In Munich I have been intensively following German language courses at the Volkshochschule, having so far achieved A2 level and planning to reach C2 by Protected content .

Prior to my last job I was a Director and Business Development Manager leading a fashion-apparel retailer through a phase of rapid growth; directing, developing and managing their digital, human resourcing and marketing solutions as well as helping to grow the business from its relative infancy into a very profitable and sustainable company. With my guidance the company’s annual turnover doubled every year over a five-year period.

Please reply with any suggestions that may also be useful to others, and PM me for my contact details, or further details of my experience and skill-set or CV.

Thanks in advance, Mat

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