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Italian food in Munich

Hello everybody,
Especially italian expats:)
Just wanted to recommend a great italian restaurant in Münich, since in my opinion its pretty hard to find a place with great food, service and still not too expensive. I have spent quite a lot of time myself trying to find a nice place to eat.
It is a family cozy restaurant called Cucina di Beppo (Forstenrieder Allee, Protected content U3 direction Fürstenried West, the stop is called Forstenrieder Allee ).
The cook is a God!!!! What is important for me personally, he is always keeping his kitchen clean, and you can be sure that he washes all the veggies for the salad well. I am pregnant and dont eat salad in any restaurant other than this one, because it can be dangerous for pregnant women :)
The prices vary from 2.50 euros ( for the soup), till about 20 euros for a big plate of grilled fish mix, or a nice steak ( the steak is the best in Münich, trust me)

Just went out for lunch there again today and was so happy with the food that decided to share it with you guys!

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