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Jobs in Munich if you don't spreak German. BS MGT

Hello InterNations,

I hope this is not a common question here and that you guys have to repeat the same answers over and over again.

I'm graduating in May and I'm looking at cities where I'd like to move to. I lived in Prague before and recently fell in love with Munich. My gf is in Berlin and it would be a win win if I could get a great job in Munich since it is also her favorite city.

Either way, my question here is.... how easy or hard is it to get a corporate job in Munich if you don't speak German? I'm looking for something that makes the trade off of not staying in the US worthwhile, mostly financial.

I'm assuming most of you here work in Munich and should be able to provide some insight in regards to what kind of companies are out there. I already read about BrainLab.

I'm be graduating with a BS in Operations Management, so anything Supply Chain and Operations.. that's me! Although I'm looking more into Consulting. Recently Interned for a Fortune 15 company so credentials shouldn't be a problem.


PS: I'm Portuguese AND American so no problem with visas in the EU or the US.

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