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Looking for a Family WG in Schwabing W or Maxvor (Munich)

Dear All,

I'm looking for a Family WG in Schwabing West or Maxvorstadt for my son who is going to stay in Munchen at least 6 months for his DSH. He graduated from an IB World School, so he speaks English and he is attending the B2.2 course, so at least basic German I may say. He also understands quite Spanish.

In spite of his age, he is already global-minded due to our life experience. He is a good student and a quiet boy. Being a expat teenager, he has never been rebel. He has been in Frankfurt & Berlin before and he likes Germany most among the countries in which we have stayed. That's why he decided to study in Germany.

Please pm if you'd like to help.

Thanks and best regards


Due to the food safety issues in China, after I was assigned from Hong Kong to Beijing I managed to make myself a quite good cook. So if you can provide us a place at home, I'd be very happy to cook some meal for you- sure my son will miss a lot Mum's cuisine, and you can also enjoy the very authentic Chinese food(Cantonese, Shanghai, Sichuan Style etc.) I don't need to stay at your place during my visits, don't worry about that. We are very respectful ppl.

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