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Looking for a French tandem partner (Munich)


I am looking for a tandem partner in French. I just came back from a month's stay in France where I also took a two-week French course (level B2) while on vacation and would love to keep up practising the language.

I can offer German or English, and my native tongue Finnish of course, but assume the demand is not so high on the latter ;-)
Now, why should you practise German or English with a Finn? I have lived in Germany for 25 years now, have a M.A. (Magister Artium) degree in German as a foreign language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) and in English Linguistics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. I work mainly in English and German in an international company. And: some of my German friends say my German is better than theirs ;-)

So am hoping this convinced you :) I would be very delighted to find somebody to speak French with!


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