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*Looking for a longer term "couchsurf" situation * (Munich)

Hello All,

Ive been couchsurfing here in Munich the last 3 weeks. I had a room lined up for the month of September from an Internations member and the person flaked on me at the last minute. I have requests out on the actual couchsurfing site but in reality I'd like to stay with someone from Internations to go to events and further my goal of finding work in Munich. It's really short notice but I need a place starting this Friday. Im looking for something till October 7th but any options are welcome. Maybe start with a week or so and if its a good fit make it longer. Im a relaxed person and Im not going to party and throw up all over your flat. Im here in Munich with a serious goal of finding work. Anyone with a room, couch or floor please Msg me ASAP. Thank you all!!

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