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Looking for a NORMAL part time job (Munich)

Hi guys,
I am Spanish guy and I have been living here for one and a half year.
I have studied Electrical Engineer and electrical vocational training as well. I am a bit frustrated about jobs in Germany because it seems to be very difficult to find a "normal" job. I am speaking German but not like a native speaker what seems to be a handicap. I have worked in different kinds of jobs, so I am open minded person. I don´t want to work for a Zeitarbeits company anymore. I am fed up with it. When I am applying for a basic job as a e.g. Kassierer, Supermarket assistant, .... I didn´ get it because I am too much qualified and when I have applied for engineering jobs I don´t get it because I am not speaking good enough german like a native speaker.
I came to Germany because of the crisis in Spain and I would like to stay here in Munich. I am looking for part time job and I am open to different fields for working. If you know something let me know. My email is: Protected content
You can see my profile in Linkedin: Roberto Vallalta Gilabert

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