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looking for job and new challange (Munich)

Hi all,
I'm planning to move to Munich by end of April. As Australian I can look for job and apply for residency while I'm there. I am a mining engineer with 15 years of experience but right now mining is not doing well here and I'm thinking to move to a new place (my favorite country Germany) and face a career changing. I have a good understanding of IT as my job is scheduling for mine industry and am dealing with different sort of software on daily bases. Also I would be able to have an active role in Tunnel and road contracting industry. Otherwise any job that can help me to get work visa. My German is basic so I should go for English speaking jobs but I'd love to learn the language and its also one of the reason I want to move there. Can you please give me some advice about the job hunting website and agencies?

Many thanks in advance,

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