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Looking for Job/ MSc in Finance and Investment (Munich)

Hi there !

I am currently looking for some career opportunity and I would highly appreciate all help and information that relates to my case.

About myself, I am a highly motivated, innovative and flexible graduate in Finance and Investment at Queen Mary, University of London for which I recieved a Distinction.

I am used to working under pressure both as an individual and as a member of a team and I enjoy working on group projects where I can utilise my problem-framing, problem-solving and analytical skills.

My great interest in Finance is reflected in the number of articles and reports on economic subjects, written whilst still an undergraduate, which were accepted by academic journals and published by the National University of the Ukraine.

In addition to my native Russian and Ukrainian languages, I am fluent in English and I currently learn German in Munich (B1 niveau ).

My studies have resulted in my developing a passion for the fast paced world of international economics and finance and I have a strong desire to take on new responsibilities, master new skills and further develop my analytic and communications abilities.


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