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LOVEFiLM rip off (Munich)

Hi, I don't know how many of you guys have the Lovefilm membership, but I had until now the flat rate in which you pay €4 (no Prime, streaming, etc.) and get 1 DVD or BluRay at a time in your mailbox, and drop it in any post office or letter box afterwards. A couple of days later, they send you the next one.
No more.
Now they are changing to €4,99 for 2 movies a month.
A bit of maths.
Given that I was getting 2 movies a week, that means I was getting 8 movies a month. Now they send just 2, and at 25% increase in price. That's a 5 fold increase...
Angry just doesn't cut it.
And yes, I quitted and am getting Netflix or whatever.

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