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Loving and Reliable Pet Care (Munich)


I am a PhD student at LMU (art history and animal studies) and would be very pleased to assist in the care of your pets when you are on vacation, at work, etc. I am a native English speaker but can also speak with your pet in German and French.

I am very fond of animals, experienced in dealing with animals, flexible, mature, and reliable!

I have experience with:


I offer: "mucking out," feeding, watering, medication, vet visits, walking, playing, riding and floor work (for horses) search games (dogs), agility (dogs).

Dogs: Depending on the distance I can visit several times a day, go for walks, play, and of course feed, water, and provide medicine. [I am happy to take dogs on long or short walks.] I also take "problem dogs".

Cats and rabbits: Visit, feed, water, medicine, play,pet.

Rodents / Reptiles: Daily. Visit, feed, water (if required take out)

Prices vary from 10€ / hour / visit to 50€ / day-overnight / multiple pets.

References and CV upon request.

Please message me with serious inquiries only and I will quickly get back to you.

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