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Making a Move from the US to Germany (Munich)

Hi Everyone,

I've been contemplating for months about the decision to move from the US to Germany or Austria. I am hoping some of your replies may provide me with insight/advice into the challenges and obstacles about making this type of move. I work in public accounting in the states and would look to continue this type of work in Germany or Austria (either external audting or corporate accounting). If anyone has any experience with moving from an English-speaking country to Germany/Austria your advice would be greatly appreciated.

- I would like to learn the German language (or at least have a basic understanding) before I make a move to Germany. What is the best way to learn the German language (classes, Rosetta Stone, etc.)?

- How difficult is it to find rental apartments in Germany and Austria (specifically Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttberg or Vienna)? I've seen on many sites that renting an apartment in Germany/Austria requires putting up a couple month's rent at the lease signing. Is this true?

- I have two years experience in public accounting for one of the Big 4 firms and another two years experience in corporate accounting and non-profit accounting. How difficult would it be to find a job in this area considering the language barrier and the chance that companies will pass on someone moving from a foreign country?

- What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome when moving to Germany/Austria?

I might have other questions later, but this is all I can think of at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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