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Moving from Munich to Berlin

Dear All,

I am not seeking to move my belongings from Germany to the UK (yet) but rather from Schwabing, Munich to Friedrichshain, Berlin (or thereabouts; exact location TBD) within the next two months (or thereabouts; exact date TBD).

When the goods were originally estimated to be only 5 cubic meters, but the trucker asserted that it was probably closer to 8 and my colleague receiving them at a storage warehouse suggested “nearly twice the original estimate).

Most of those goods are still boxed. I should be able to repack MOST of what isn't on my own EXCEPT two bicycles.

I am looking for a reliable service to move the goods between my current flat and whatever flat I will move into. If I can cut down on costs by sharing a truck headed the same direction, this would be ideal.

Can you or a company you recommend assist me? At what costs?

If there is not possible for me to ride with the goods (either because of space, company policy, or work obligations), it may not be possible for me to get to Berlin before the goods to let the transporters immediately into the flat. If there are extra costs related to such, I'll need to know about this too.

Best regards,


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