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Moving to Munich

Hello everyone, I am planning a move to Munich with my wife in January. I am getting little bits of information here and there about what to expect. Is there anything specific that I need to do prior to going. I have not located a job or a apartment yet but we were planning to live in temporary housing until we can find a place. I have enough for several months rent plus deposit saved up.

From what I hear the IT field is pretty popular in Munich, I am currently a network administrator in Texas. I am moving to Munich until my wife's US visa (Russian Citizen) is approved so I'll probably be there a year or maybe a bit longer depending on how things are going there. I am also a commissioned law enforcement officer here in Texas so I could do any kind of security as well. Do any of you have recommendations on places to look for jobs in either field?

Also as far as housing, I read it is a good idea to hire a realtor to help find a place. Is that pretty expensive? Is it necessary?

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