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moving to munich! HELP!! (Munich)

Hello everybody!!
I'm going to move to munich together with my boyfriend, i think next October. Could anyone give me any advices about what to do? I mean, I really need to know everything: how could we find a job? I've got a bachelor's degree in languages and i've always worked in tourism environment (cruise ship, airport, hotel, fairs...) while my boyfriend has good skills in IT field. What do you suggest to do? Do you think it would be easy for us to find a job quickly? Where could we search it? we will be in munich next week (from the 20th to 23rd), do you think we should start searching for something or it's too early? And do you think it would be better going pesonally or sending cvs by mail? If personally, are there any companies or places where we can go? Do you think it would be helpful going to an employment bureau?
Then, about the house, I know rents are quite expensive in the centreof munich, I really think that it would be hard for us, especially at the beginning, incur all the costs, so have you any suggestions about where could we find a cheaper but safe solution?
And the last thing: about bureaucracy. what do we have to do once there? and are there any benefits, subventions for unemployed? and about language: I can speak a little German because of my studies, but my boyfriend can't. Are there any courses? What about the levels and the prices?
Sorry about all the mess but I'm very confused! :S Anyway, if someone of you could meet us next week, so that we could drink a beer together and talk a little bit about everything, we would be really glad and would really appreciate it!!! ^_^
Please, HELP US!!! Thank you!!! ^_^

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