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Personenschaden U-Bahn München (Munich)

Dear Internations,
maybe not the right topic for a party community like IN, but I'd like to ask for input if possible:
I was stuck in the U2 at Karl-Preiss-Platz on Tuesday 09.02. Protected content 09:30, the train came to an emergency hold there and in the outraged faces of the people waiting at the station for the U-Bahn I could realize immediately that there must have someone been fallen under this train. The waggons remianed locked 10 min, we could not get out, people screaming till police and fireworkers arrived. After another 10 min doors were opened and all passengers forced to leave the station. No comments from the police.
I tried later to contact the Pressestelle of MVG and they even phoned back explaining that these events are usually communicated as "Personenschaden" or "Notarzteinsatz", but that any publication is ommitted due to an agreement with the press, in order to avoid the so-called "Werther" effect. Asking them where any statistics on these events are published, MVG referred on some Universities doing research on that. I did not see anything in the press or in internet on this event of the 09.02. Protected content the imagination that someone was chopped and crushed under the wheels of the train I was sitting in, is still haunting me.
Does anybody know how this is handled in other countries, I have learned about line 13 or 14 in Paris Metro, where special gates have been installed already years ago.
Too costly for our poor Munich MVG I have been told. And they would use two different types of trains with different gaps between doors so such a gate would not be feasible. (I have the impression that it is only one type of train??)
For me personally I get very critical when I hear that sensitive issues are kept secret und put under the carpet. Doesn't the public have a right to be informed?
The Werther story from god old J.W.Goethe was sth. completely different. Is it proven by statistics that suicides published lead to copyists? Where are the statistics and analysis on this?
I believe the way such things are treated reflects a lot about the kind of society we are living in.
Is MVG careful about the issue or negligent?
What do you think? Anybody have experiences from other countries?
Thanks in advance and cheers from Wolfgang

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