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Photography and Socializing (Munich)


Hi all!

I have recently moved to beautiful Munich and I'd like to get to know some people and live my photography passion.

To combine these I thought it could be fun to meet up in a pub on some weekday night, have a drink and chat about some joint photo activities.
This get together could be interesting for anyone who wants to meet some new people and likes to take pictures - specific photography skills, expenseive cameras or nerdiness should be no prerequirement.
In the meantime I could think of so many group activities that would be fun:
- having small photography tours on evenings or weekends
- taking part jointly in a photo marathon
- creating a joint photo blog

And of course having the occasional drink or joining parties without the need to take a camera with us :)

I'm looking forward for replies and feedback!

And in order to avoid confusion: I'm not a professional photographer, so I can't teach photography and I won't try to sell courses or anything like that :P

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