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Physician certificate (Munich)

Hi everyone,
today I went to the first aid because of a strong pain (I could not go to my doctor, I work far away from his office). At the end of the visit I asked for some kind of certificate (I would like to show it to my doctor) where I could find the description and the results of the exams I did. The answer was "no way". Now, this is not the first time I have to struggle about this topic (it has happened with other doctors as well, not in the first aid), but as far as I know it is my right as a patient to get all information about what they did and what they think the problem could be, at least they should send the results to my doctor. After a very long discussion, they told me it will be done. How do you manage this kind of situation? I assume, that they try to avoid any kind of problems/responsibility/lawsuit. Or am I wrong? Could you give me some tips?
Thank you!

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