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Popular Vote on the 3rd runway for MUC Airport (Munich)

From the homepage of "Bündnis "JA zur 3. Startbahn"

Dear Citizens of Munich,

A referendum on whether a third runway should be built at Munich Airport will take place on June 17. Many people will ask: Why is this important? What good will it do me?

After 20 years, Munich Airport has reached its limits. Since Protected content number of passengers has tripled and the number of flights has doubled.
Consequently there will in the future be no potential for manoeuvre, no further growth. And there will be ever more tail-backs and waiting loops. On the ground and in the air.
To create new capacities we need a third runway. All the citizens of Munich will profit from this. Here are just a few examples:

The third runway will enhance our quality of life: We will be able to reach more destinations all round the world, direct and without changing planes. That will save us valuable time! Travelling will become easier and more convenient. We will remain mobile and take advantage of new direct connections round the globe.
The third runway will not be harmful to the environment – on the contrary: Today superfluous tail-backs result in unnecessary consumption of kerosene. The third runway will ensure that air traffic is handled more quickly and efficiently. And to compensate for the airport expansion, over Protected content of valuable ecological land will be created.
The third runway will ensure social stability: Greater economic strength will also generate additional tax income for our city. This can be invested in child care, social projects and infrastructure.
The third runway will safeguard jobs: Thousands of new jobs will be created, and not just at the airport. More and more companies need an effective link to the world. Their staff will profit from this through greater job security or increasing wages.
Expanding the airport will therefore benefit all who live in Munich. That is why we must take part in the referendum on June 17! Make sure you participate – for a cosmopolitan Munich with an international future.

Cast your vote: YES – NO – AGREEMENT

Vote in person on June 17 or send in your postal vote: Protected content

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