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Primal Fitness and Personal Training in Munich


My name is Carsten and I am the founder of "The Purity Experience" at Protected content -
I am offering a new awesome kind of training in Munich - Primal Fitness - Every Sunday at 10.00 am @Flaucher.

Who am I?
Originally, I was born in Cologne, Germany. My sister is from Regensburg, my parents are from Hamburg. I am certified personal trainer, fitness trainer, nutrition coach and swim coach and I have been working for a premium fitness club (Holmes Place) the last few years. After travelling the world including (USA, Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Europe) and setting up personal training classes and beach workout camps at almost every place I wanted to establish a community for Primal Fitness Training in Munich. My daytime job is business related (I work as a Senior Sales Manager for amiando), so I understand the needs of our modern lifestyle working society.

What is Primal Fitness Training?
Today´s modern lifestyle has made natural movement skills become optional.
Why Run, Jump, Climb, Walk and Lift, if we can take escalators, elevators, go to gyms, work on boring machines or buy products that don´t work?
We should focus on being all around athletes, rather than specialists. Our bodies and minds are designed for the world hundreds of thousands of years ago.
We cannot affort to overlook our human biology that is built upon natural laws.
Among these laws, the necessity of regular movement activity remains a determining influence in our biological balance and therefore on our well-being and health. In nature every animal unable to move is condemned or even killed. Our society leads us to decreasing physical activity. This idleness first of all leads to physical dysfunction and innumerable health problems.
With Primal Fitness Training based in Munich, you will discover and satisfy your basic physical need in a natural environment and with a great and fun team.

What languages is the class in?
I speak English and German fluently.

When is it?
Sunday 10 am Protected content am at the Flaucher.

How much does it cost?
There is a complimentary first session for every Primal Starter.
It´s a full workout outdoors. All you have to bring is a good motivation and a bottle of water.
Follow Up Sessions start at 15 EUR per single session and 99 EUR for a 10Pack.

Where can I sign up?
Please go to my Facebook Page "The Purity Experience" and click on "Register Here".
Enter Promotioncode "PrimalStarter" without "" for your first complimentary session.
For any questions regarding the training please call me at Protected content write me an email Protected content

Looking forward seeing you Sunday.

Cheers Carsten


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