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rental for self employed single woman (Munich)

does anyone know a self employed woman who has been able to rent an apartment in munich? my paperwork isnt very 'german' / doesnt fit local formula and i am beginning to panic, first time in my life this has been a problem (have shown i have decent cash etc, landlord for a number of properties overseas, have given links online to verify personal details). lets ignore the usual sexist bllsht,you dont have a job in a german company, the newbie to town routine, the 'you are taking jobs from germans' theory etc. i'm not even looking at the low end (gods forbid).

am completely in limbo and wondering
1. if i should file for human rights violation to wake up a few idiots (extreme but long overdue) and
2. how can the german economy continue to succeed if small minded landlords and crappy rental agents have locked up the market and keep innovators/ entreprenuers out?
3. should we leave? i love munich, lived here as a child etc, but the homeless without hope bit has begun to get to me. my 10 yr old son who is also in limbo on most things, school included, and that is very uncool.

according to agents its all about the money until i show them i have it, then its the job...

so, does anyone know a self employed non-german who has managed a rental in munich (it doesnt have to be a woman - i'll lower the quality of my research) ?


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