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Searching for a job in photography/filming (Munich)

Hi all! I am currently relocating to Munich and have come over for 5 weeks to search for work before I need to return to Ireland for 3 weeks for my own freelance work. I have spent the last 3 weeks calling into film and media companies to gather some information on the industry here in Germany! I have met some very helpful people and have a few leads in terms of contact emails etc but I am finding it very difficult to get work or even an internship with no German.

I now realise that I may need to work in another sector initially to begin learning German and also just to have an income coming in. I have applied for work through StepStone, Toytown, Melta and directly through different companies.

Any tips on where I can find work more easily before I go home in two weeks? I am also willing to teach english or work in the arts department of an international school through English.

Thanks in advance for any advise,

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