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Taxes in Germany - Finanzamt asked for declaration (Munich)

I got a letter from the Finanzamt and they told me that I have to hand in a tax declaration as I earn money in German. I was surprised as I thought my employer would take care of that. But my employer did not and I learnt that the employer is also not allowed to do so.
I asked around and learnt that you either go to a tax advisor („Steueerberater“) or do it yourself. I tried to talk to some tax advisor but they were rather unfriendly, told me that it would cost several hundred of Euros and that everything would be done in German….
Not an ideal solution for me… A friend of mine from Chile then gave me the right tip: „Do it yourself in English with the online platform Protected content . It will only cost you some Euros and you can easily do it yourself in Protected content
I tried it. First time I did a tax declaration. It took me 22 minutes and the webpage predicted me some tax returns. Within 5 weeks I got my „Bescheid“ and the Finanzamt returned me €1,123 for Protected content even a bit more for Protected content . Great extra money for my coming holidays.
Perhaps you also can get money back for you holidays.
Let me know if you are happy as I am.
Have a great summer.
Best Marie
P.S. I signed up for the service but got distracted what was at the end very good as I got a reminder email with a discount code a week later. Protected content . Hopefully, this code also works for you!

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