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Wa'Haka Supergood Taqueria in Munich, Bahnhofsplat

If you love and miss real authentic Mexican Food come and eat at Wa'Haka in Munich at Bahnhofsplatz 5. Supergood Taqueria. My friend Vivian from San Francisco just opened, and she serves real, authentic Tacos, Burritos and more. The salsas are excellent, and the carne assada and pollo assada superb. Even the tunes are cool too! Everything is home made, and you will not notice any difference to your best taco shop at home - Wa'Haka might actually be better! Just like in Southern California, Baja or the rest of Mexico (and even further south). The real deal! Come hang out and eat at Wa'Haka, the new supergood taqueria in Munich! C U there or B []. Joe Hildemann (Munich, San Diego)

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