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Web/IT project manager with 9 years experience (Munich)


I am seeking to join a company as a product or project manager. I relocated to Munich from the US, have a German residence permit, and am ready to begin work right away. I would appreciate any tips, opportunities, or contacts.

Summary of my qualifications:
- A total of 9 years of working in service-oriented technology solutions companies with high-profile clients ranging from Fortune Protected content to rock bands
Protected content of experience in both technical program and project management
Protected content of development experience and a degree in Computer Science provide an in-depth technical background that enables effective technical project management
- I am especially experienced with eCommerce, content management systems, social, mobile and web applications
- Having lived in 8 countries in 5 continents (including US, India, and Brazil), I have an international exposure that enables me to collaborate effectively in today’s globalized economy

Please PM me for my contact details, further details, or CV.

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