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Why did you move to Munich?


I am tired of answering this question from every local German I meet. Has this happened to anyone else? I feel like screaming ---Look you ppl, I did my research before moving and also did a 2 month trial run. I am an educated person and fortunate that they let me into the country on a valid visa (duh...). I am sick of locals asking why on earth would I move to Munich from USA/NYC. Why are Germans so close minded about this? (Well the Swiss are even worse). Why do they only stick to their circles from elementary school? Why do they never invite you to do anything? or hang out? (because they only hang with their best friends/tight circle....) Why do Germans read your whatsapp message and hardly ever reply when you ask them a direct question ( and these can range from close friends to just acquaintances Protected content EXTREMELY RUDE to not reply within 24 hours -- but no Germans don't care. Why on earth do German woman not let men buy them drinks? Whoever integrated this ridiculous rule into society needs to correct it. I am sick of the attitude, the rudeness, the lack of WIFI, lack of Credit cards accepted, and air conditioning. When is Germany going to come out of the middle ages??? For christ sake, even Italy has air conditioning on their buses. Its because the entire country is CHEAP, RUDE, Snotty, not to mention the crap low salaries. Or please correct me. Socialism 101.

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