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A flurry of questions (Muscat)

1- I have a 30 day visa that may or may not expire before my labor card is issued. Does anyone know the process of extending a visa? Do I need to leave Oman and come back (we did that sometimes in Egypt when they werent paticularly friendly about extending tourist visas).

2- Where can you buy pork? And can you buy it during Ramadan?

3- If somebody is coming through Duty Free during Ramadan can they bring in the 2 bottles of liquor. (I am not asking if they can buy it in Oman but if they pack it in their luggage, will they be ok with bringing it in country?)

4- Internet- Until I get my labor card how can I get internet in my apartment?

5- What are different "clubs" that have fitness/pool can you join and prices? I know the Ramada and Intercon both offer use of their gym and pool for a certain amount but I dont know the amounts. Or if you know of a website I can look up to find it.

That is all folks. Thanks in advance.

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