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Advice on places to live in Muscat.

Hi all,

I am currently living in an apartment in MSQ and will be vacating it at the end of December. I am looking for advice on where to move to in Muscat. My reasons for leaving are manifold: I don't particularly like apartment living, I come from the countryside back in Ireland and have lived in houses all my life except for a 7 year stint in a flat during the '90's. I have a house-worth of furniture being shipped from Bahrain in December and need somewhere nice to put it into. I have been doing a lot of driving around and need to know more about a few places that interest me.

It's convenient to my work: my office is in Ghubra near the Porsche garage; it's near the beach, it's near to the MGM, there are several villas in the area for rent that I might be able to afford, it's not too far from the airport, it's on the right side of the city for traveling to Sohar or Dubai.

I can't really think of any other than it being a bit away from Muscat proper (where more things to go to and do may or may not be!!) and the rent being a bit on the high side, but I know I'll have to pay for what I I missing something?

Al Hail North:
Rent is cheaper, it's nearer to the airport, it's on the right side of the city for when I need to go to Sohar ( a weekly occurrence), it's closer to the karting track and I plan to use that place extensively, it's not too far from the beach.

It's further from work and Muscat and where things seem to happen, it seems to be under development in a lot of areas, I've heard traffic can be a pain in the ass. What else am I missing?

I'm not interested in the wave, it reminds me a lot of the property boom in Ireland and is definitely overpriced for what you actually get. The roads to Qurum seem to be in a perpetual state of traffic jam and I don't want to be stuck in a car for hours just to get home. I haven't been able to find much around Madinat Al Ilam but there could be things I'm missing. MSQ is expensive for what's there and even though it's convenient, I don't get the warm and fuzzies about the place.

Can you guys tell e a bit about where you're living, how you like it and what you think of my choices? I would appreciate any information no matter how trivial you might think it is.



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