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American Ribbon (Muscat)

Last Friday I went to Bama beach with my American wife . I am a local guy from Muscat and as everybody know how the Omani are being nice with every one in the country including the expatriate.
Me and my wife were sittng on one of the rock at beach with our little dog. I then left my wife with our small dog and next to her was a hat, that she bought from a boutique shop, I went to go and bring the car to her.
A small foreigner child approached my wife and our dog as he wanted to play with the dog
My wife got distracted and walked up the beach to his family and she was smiling at them telling them it’s a beautiful day.The family consisted of grandparents, adult children and their grand child.
Then I arrived to picked her up and we drove to the the sink hole park then half way there my wife realized that she forgot her hat at the beach. We then drove back to get the hat at the same rock next to the family.
We arrived at the spot, I went first to look for the hat expecting to find it on the same rock I searched around but I couldn’t find it. The Same family next to the rock were looking towards me. I went back sad telling my wife that the hat is not there.
My wife insisted to have her hat back which priced at about $150 designer brand by Scala. She went to look for it more . When she left to look for the hat I told her not to bother the family camping next to the rock because they saw me looking for it and said nothing .
My wife didn’t find the hat on the rock. She decided to walk over to the family and scan the area where they are camping, the family saw her around looking for something but they were in complete silence not even talking to one another. After looking at their camp she found her hat next to an older man under his chair and in an American way she said ( that’s my hat I need it back ). The old man stood up and said Ohhh Ok and in a disrespectful way handed the hat to my wife he was so ashamed in away that he looked down on the ground.
He give her back her hat and she walked back to me and got in the car and realized that the black sash was vandalized. I went back and I talked to the adult man and they were smiling at me in a patronizing way. I asked him for the ribbon and he deny seeing it even though the ribbon was glued and sewn to the hat and he admitted that he found the hat over the rock. Finally I asked him where are you from ? and he said I live in Sur then I asked him again where are your from then he said with a smile from the U.K.
I want to thank my brave American wife who just tought me many things from this event.
I would like to share this story with every one especially with my people of Oman.

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