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Another possible expat moving to Muscat Q's

Sorry - one more person with a job offer and a few questions. Would appreciate some assistance?

1. Can a family of 2 adults and 2 children get a reasonable level of home for OMR800 pmth? ideally with a pool?

2. My eldest son is ADHD - can you purchase Ritalin/Concerta in Muscat (& cost) through a Doctor? and would anyone happen to know what additional learning assistance/support may be available through the international schools or local support (paid tutors)? He is pretty good but has some learning retentoin dificulties.This may help decide what school we go for for our two boys. Fortunately company picks up the 75% of fees.

3. My wife and children are church going christians (current penticostal church) - hoping a Christian reading this might be able to advise if there are church groups such as womens and childrens etc that the my wife and children could link in with?

4. And after reading an earlier post - why do people not use the beautiful beaches??

I am a Kiwi that grew up living in the UK, Saudi, Sharjah, NZ and now Australia - so this is a very exciting opportunity to now bring my family to the Oman - just want to make sure its the right move. Your feedback and knowledge will be a big help. Thanks, Geoff

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