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Clarifications (Muscat)

I got to know that the good folks at IN HQ are watching me as they had concerns I am promoting other sites. Since the message was not of confidential nature and indirect I thought I'd share it here, and respond to it so that everyone gets the gist of my intent...

I post in these forums as there is only little activity/responses to queries, I do so to get the ball rolling, sometimes my answers may be not so helpful, or of little use, but I think that helps others to contribute or better answers.

I was applying a bit of logic I learned from forum moderating at a video game company I worked before to keep users happy and engaged.

I do none of these for personal benefits or gains. I just follow the "Free as In Freedom" principle by Richard M Stallman, and a great theory that my friend Paul once told me: "If it doesn't cost you anything to help someone, and you don't have to go out of your way to do so, why don't you do it?!".

I have deleted some posts of mine which look like shameless self promotion :) I also edited some posts to remove links pointing to other sites i.e. the facebook job pages (which was meant for others to find a job). I am sorry if I looked like a forum troll and annoyed you. But in fact I have been promoting IN to other expats and organizations.

Since I feel watched, I no longer wish to contribute.


Robert N

Muscat Forum