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Cost of Living in Muscat (Housing)

Hi everyone,

I'm about to move to Muscat with my family. Its me and my wife and we have 1.5 year old son. I already work on Oman but on a rotation, and for some reasons I might have to move to Muscat and would like to keep same contract that I have at the moment. So the company wont be covering any expense apart from medical.

I've looked some of the Villas in MQ & The wave (Online only) and looks like it will be about Protected content Protected content per month, which is expensive but still affordable.
I'm looking to rent in good are where mostly expats lives, are there any other areas that I'm not aware of ?

My main concern is what are the hidden costs of living in Muscat like the utilities, electricity and etc.. do they depend on your type of house or usage and I'm looking to find out what are going to be the costs on average.

I really appreciate sharing your experience with me.


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