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Family moving to Oman (Muscat)

Hi everyone,

My family and I( from Denmark) are considering moving to Oman next year, fall Protected content . My husband has accepted a job offer in Oman and I am the designated coordinator for the potential 'BIG' move. We have two kids, attending primary and secondary schools,a dog (yes, the loyal member of the family) and loads of questions need answering. Basic but essential questions: what is the cost of living for two adults/two kids? Accommodations- preferably a house for rent, what is the best 'neighborhood' close to an affordable International school with IB curriculum? How are the people,culture, social life?. How long does it take to install wi fi? Can one access Skype? What is the most reliable phone company?
We're thinking of bringing our four- legged friend along, is that a good idea? Women are allowed to drive without a 'chaperone' ,I hope ?! :-) What sort of a 4 -wheel vehicle is suitable for an active family of four who love the outdoors? What is the price range of a new/used vehicle? Water-will it cost us an arm and a leg? What are your experiences with Medical facilities/health care in Masqat? Finally, what are the local websites for consumers?
I hope someone will take the time to answer some of my questions, and I'm looking forward to chatting with the members of this forum:-)

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