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Frustrated in Muscat


Hi Everyone,

I need to let out my frustrations, and I appreciate your oppinions and advise you might have.
In advance I do appologise for this rather negative post, and I must say that besides below issue, I do love Oman and its friendly people.
I'm scandinavian, have lived and worked in Muscat for 5 years. Due to family reasons, I plan to stay in Muscat. I was recently fired from my job due to low business. During the 2 years I were in the company (a job I got through someone who knew someone) I tried continuesly to find a better job, a better I were unsure about the companys future. Turned out I was right in my fears, and I'm now without a job. A very difficult situation.
During job hunting, I have had so many shocking experiences.The amount of back stabbing, and guys who wanted to use me for their personal use is unbelivable. I have been banned from applying from several companies and institutions ( not officially of course )...because I said "no" to the guy incharge. I have had many interviews, but only one time in 5 years, did I get a reply back from the interview, with reasons and explanations to why I didnt get the job.
My point is : I'm 41, divorced with 2 daughters, I have worked since I was 14. I'm honest, loyal, and hard working. No major degrees, but tons of experience in many fields. How difficult can it be to find a job on a local contract, without having to be best friends with the manager, or without being willing to do "extra services" ? I do know about the omanization issue which makes it harder to be an expat now, but thats not the major issue here..
I would really like your honest thoughts on this issue, have anyone, mostly women i guess, experienced the same difficulties ?
Your advise is much appreciated, as I'm close to giving up here
Thank you

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