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Importing My Cat (Muscat)

I have recently been offered a position in Sur, Oman, and don't think I have time to get my cat into the country given the following circumstances:

* I am entering the country Friday the 27th or Saturday the 28th

* his 11-month-old rabies vaccination is from South Korea, and I don't have the appropriate stickers

* his most recent vaccination complete with stickers is only 10 days old

* even with the Korean vaccination papers (sans stickers and not fully translated), and the proof of previous Korean vaccination marked and signed off by an American Veterinarian, the Omani vet I've contacted says he is ineligible to enter until his most recent booster, complete with stickers, is one month old

Given these circumstances, am I out of luck on this front? Has anyone else dealt with any leniency when it comes to the requirement for vaccination stickers?

The problem I face is that my cat has been vaccinated, only it was in Korea and did not require vaccination stickers (stickers taken from the vial of vaccine administered). I have the proof of vaccination, only it does not comply with the regulations of Oman. I have a health certificate noting the previous Korean vaccination and most recent American booster, but without stickers from the Korean vaccination the vet I contacted is saying I'm out of luck.

I believe I'll have to ship Tuna, my cat, at the beginning of November, which costs MUCH more than flying with him. Has anyone else dealt with this before? Any information will be a big help!

Thank you!

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