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Internations Potluck Party on the 17.03.2010 (Muscat)


Dear All;

Thanks to Serdar and Dyla we had again a wonderful party! It was great to see again that the Internations community Muscat, the house and the garden has been brought to live and filled with hospitality since Serdar and Dyla have moved in!

The food was fantastic and everybody has put so much effort in bringing the best and tastiest.
When we left around eleven thirty we had to realize, that too much food has been brought and the left overs have been enough to feed a complete company.

I do not want to spoil to good memeory of a truely meomerable evening, but any idea how we can ensure that at future pot luck parties we are not running into the same problem of ending up with food we wont be able to even come close to finish?


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