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left with a 114 Rial-bill (Muscat)

This is again going to our dear attendees or those potential members of our groups who also happen to sometimes bring along new guests to InterNations group activities . We were left mouth-ajar last time as 5 of a total 9 attendees left our monthly held meeting at one of the bars with a bill worth Protected content net to pay .

It took us nearly an hour to figure out who paid his or her drinks at the counter, who paid the waitress who got even more confused along with her manager....Eventually , we had to pay the 1/3 of the bill from our own pocket plus our own consumption.

Can I please request you guys to please help us get things more responsible organized as these bars and restaurants don t seem to be able to handle it properly at times and at a last second when conquered by many people although we do our best in terms of booking and explaining over and over again.

Please help us make these events enjoyable instead of a nightmare to some.

Thanks and welcome abroad

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