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Loan of a Khanjar(Omani Traditional Knife/dagger) (Muscat)

Hi everyone.
I am doing a photography project tomorrow evening and my chosen object is a Khanjar.
I have been shopping around and went to Muttrah last night and talked with many salesmen and shop owners.
I came to the conclusion that the type I want to buy for a decorative piece (one with gold plating detail) Is way to expensive to rush into purchase so I have come back to square one for tomorrow evening.
I am waiting on a reply regards cultural acceptability to loan one short term but then I thought of those X pats that may have taken a similar facination as me and purchased one.
Does anyone own one that is prepared to loan it for this puropse, one with gold detail is preferable but not nessasary, I would prefer not to go with the 30rial cheap looking ones as im aiming for a high end look and small ones would be lost within the souroundings I wish to shoot. A belt would be fab but not nessasary.
THanks all for reading, hope you can help.

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